Aged Blue Batak (Sumatra)

Aged Blue Batak (Sumatra)

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100% Arabica Bean

1LB (16OZ) Bag

100% ROAST TO ORDER: Coffee is NOT roasted until the order is placed. We do NOT keep bags on the shelf going stale. Orders placed MON-FRI will ship out the following Monday (please allow 3-5 days for roasting after an order is placed).

Sumatra Aged Blue Batak is a single origin coffee that is still one region with Lintong coffee. Blue batak is cultivated by Batak tribes in the southern Toba region and is the characteristic coffee of the area.

The process of removing the skin layer of parchment when it is still half dry, before drying it in the sun, is what gives the coffee its blue color and characteristic flavor. The coffee is then stored for at least 2 years to get the woody cup profile. 

The coffee was produced primarily by Resina Sihombing, Malon Sianturi, Hernis Sianturi & various smallholders. Ms. Resina is the second generation in her family to cultivate arabica coffee. Mr. Malon is a 3rd generation coffee farmer. His grandfather began as the first generation to cultivate robusta coffee and arabica (lasuna) in the 1920s but he did not know the origin of the lasuna coffee. Mr Hernis is a 2nd generation Arabica farmer. 

The process, semi wash, is also called the wet milling method because it involves water in the process. The post-wash semi wash process is the most common method carried out by coffee farmers in Sumatra. The reason is simple: it is fast, so farmers can immediately get money from selling coffee.

The steps for the semi wash process are: the skin of ripe coffee cherries is peeled with a tool called a pulper (pulping); the peeled coffee is then left in the sack for one night for the fermentation process; the coffee is washed until the mucilage is gone and dried until it is half dry; parchment coffee (that is still half dry) is peeled hulled. The green bean is then dried until the water content reaches 12%. The coffee beans are then screened to the 15 – 19 screen size and stored for at least 2 years.

Origin: Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra

Cup Profile: Medium Bodied, Nutty, Sweet, Toasted Sesame, Tobacco