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India Monsoon Malabar

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100% Arabica Bean

1LB (16OZ) Bag

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Indian coffees sometimes seem to get lost among the chaos and crowds of this enormous universe of a country. This is a shame since they are a wonderful part of the coffee spectrum, with low acidity, medium to full body, and subtly spiced in the cup.

If you like a coffee with low acidity, thick body, and a bit of . . . a bit of . . . a bit of, (well I guess you'll just have to try it to define it) then try Monsooned Malabar.

Historically, it took six months or longer for the coffees leaving India in the wooden hulls of sailing ships to make it down the East African Coast, around the Cape (many here being smashed on the rocks) and then up the Western coast of Africa to Europe.

During this time the Indian coffee, which was subject to monsoon humidity in port, took the flavor of wood and the sea. After the invention of the steamer and the Suez Cannel, this long trip was shortened, and this "monsooned" flavor disappeared. But this flavor was missed, and thus was born Monsooned Malabar

To make, or "Monsoon" the coffee, plantation arabica is laid out in the open and exposed to monsoon winds and rains for about a week, then placed in bags in warehouses exposed to the salt and sea winds during the monsoon season.

The beans swell with moisture and turn a pale yellow. This coffee tastes like no other, and it is usually a love-hate relationship. You either love this funky, low-acid, salty briny solution, or you think it tastes like the river Ganges, which, though Holy, has bodies and cows often floating between its banks.

Origin: South India - Karnataka, Western Ghats

Cup Profile: Earthy, Spicy, Smoky, Full Bodied with low acidity