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Indonesia (Sumatra)(Swiss Water DECAF)

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100% Arabica Bean

1LB (16OZ) Bag

Swiss Water DECAF

Chief D's recommends MCPO (DRK) roast!

100% ROAST TO ORDER: Coffee is NOT roasted until the order is placed. We do NOT keep bags on the shelf going stale. Orders placed MON-FRI will ship out the following Monday (please allow 3-5 days for roasting after an order is placed).

Sumatra Coffee: Sumatra Mandheling coffees are famous around the world for their heavy body and syrupy, chocolatey after-tones. It's almost a dessert for those who take cream and sugar!

A great Sumatran is creamy, sweet, with a touch of butterscotch, spice, and mustiness. Yes, mustiness, not jungle rot.

Origin: Sumatra

Cup Profile: Full Bodied, Low Acid, Earthy