Snipes Blend

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100% Arabica Bean

1LB (16OZ) Bag

100% ROAST TO ORDER: Coffee is NOT roasted until the order is placed. We do NOT keep bags on the shelf going stale. Orders placed MON-FRI will ship out the following Monday (please allow 3-5 days for roasting after an order is placed).

Dark Roast Sumatra, Medium Roast Monsoon Malabar & Light Roast Costa Rica Bean Coffee. 

Called by many names including black-gang coffee, gunners brew, shaft alley juice, old black joe, and bilge mud, it’s the same dark brew around the world, sailed on every sea. “Snipe” in the Navy is a generic term for all those enlisted sailors who served below decks in the engine room or fire room; they were also called the “black gang.” The old Navy lived on coffee. Coffee beans keep well and were always in good supply on board. But the black gang could make the best coffee and could make it faster than anyone else. Just put water clean and fresh from the evaporators into an enameled pitcher, add a few handfuls of coffee, a pinch of salt and then heat. The job of making coffee fell, naturally, to the lowest rated man in the gang. The strength of the coffee seemed to vary with the size of his hands!

Snipes Blend is an ALL Arabica bean coffee blend. Chief pulls together three of the best beans from the most popular and enchanting origins, roast them in dark, medium and light roast, then blends them to produce a great tasting bag of Snipes Bilge Mud. Each batch of Snipes Blend is roasted like an old Snipe in boiler room style.

The beans are ALWAYS great quality 100% Arabica beans, roasted and blended together to produce a cup of Joe that any sailor would enjoy while standing long hours on a mid-watch. Snipes Blend is only recommended for the saltiest of sailors!

Every bag of Snipes Blend is Navy Inspired Sailor Roasted & Chief Approved!