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Battleship Beanery

Navy Inspired, Sailor Roasted, Chief Approved!


BEE'S BLEND- Excellent coffee! shared with the family and the first thing said "dang this is great!" Cant wait to try some other blends.

Tracy H.

Brazil Florada Fancy Cup- Delightful! This is my "afternoon" coffee. It is light and smooth. Battleship Beanery coffee has me spoiled because of its quality and service.

Jeanie H.

SAMPLER PACKS- Great Coffee! Simply amazing coffee, the sampler pack is a great way to find out which coffee/roasting level you like!

Sam A.

COSTA RICA- With a very narrow range of coffee flavors I like I found the Costa Rica lite roasted blend to be very smooth and flavorful, not leaving a bitter aftertaste I experience with most coffees. I will be ordering this coffee on a monthly basis.

Tom D.

HONDURAS Estrella Lenca- My driver crew members love this coffee! Do you have a monthly coffee club? We only have time for coffee before we dispatch, and Battleship Beanery got great reviews from all of us.

Rosie H.

COLOMBIA Supremo- My dad was in the Navy so when I found this coffee, I ordered some and didn't really have high expectations. But, nicely surprised, I find the flavor strong without being burnt or acidic. And I can use 1 scoop per cup for a perfectly balanced brew. Will for sure order more.

Erik C.

SUMATRA- Unlike some boutique coffee roasters, who only want to package bridge sweepings and bilge cleaner, the sailors at Battleship Beanery have made the Sumatra (light) Roast, which is a perfect mid-afternoon pick-my-draggin-ass-off-the-deck drink. A mouthful of flavor with a nice, nutty finish.

William B.

COSTA RICA- Fantastic, Smooth, rich, doesn't over power your senses. I can drink this one all day every day.

Jennifer B.

KENYA- I chose Kenya coffee, medium roast. This coffee has a great aroma, strong taste and is not bitter. I would buy this again.

Catherine R.