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Puddle Pirate Blend

Puddle Pirate Blend

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100% Arabica Bean

1LB (16OZ) Bag

100% ROAST TO ORDER: Coffee is NOT roasted until the order is placed. We do NOT keep bags on the shelf going stale. Orders placed MON-FRI will ship out the following Monday (please allow 3-5 days for roasting after an order is placed).

Dark Roast Sumatra, Light Roast Costa Rica

Puddle Pirates is a derogatory term for a person or group who, professionally or voluntarily, is considered to be playing at being sailors or playing navy. The term has been used as a synonym for: US Coast Guard - in contrast with the US Navy.

Some have called us puddle pirates, river rats or muddy water navy. If they needed help, they’ve called us heroes. We’ve fought in every conflict since 1790. We have fallen at the hand of our Nation’s enemies and to will of Mother Nature. We have stood the watch at home and abroad in times of war and peace. We are Coast Guardsmen. We are the United States Coast Guard. Thank you to all who have served. Semper Paratus.

Our Puddle Pirate Blend is a blend of dark Sumatra given it the deeper, aged, muddy flavor and light Costa Rica given it a shallow but powerful burst of flavor. Great for any Coastie standing the watch, or that civilian wanting to taste that shallow water Navy flavor!